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Abidjan, commonly known as “BABI” is the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire. Located in the south of the country and extends along the Ebrié lagoon. “LINKUP” which means “to link”  is the association of several entities. Our mission is therefore to rally the African diaspora around Abidjan, which is known as the hub of music in French-speaking Africa, and also to show the cultural richness of our country, Côte d’Ivoire. “BABILINKUP” is therefore a series of cultural and musical events whose objective is to promote Ivorian culture. The idea underlying this event is the gathering of the African diaspora around Ivorian culture.


The objective of “BABILINKUP” is to bring together the African diaspora around African culture in general and Ivorian culture in particular. The diversity of the events offered makes it possible to create a bridge of professional, economic and cultural exchange between the diaspora and the youth based in Côte d’Ivoire. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the return to basics of this dynamic youth who are returning to their country and who want to reconnect with their origins while sharing the skills acquired during their stay abroad. Above all, it is a unique opportunity for investors of all kinds to have a platform that commemorates the heritage, art, culture and sharing between young Africans.
#Blup (BABILINKUP) aims to further strengthen existing links, build bridges and create opportunities for anyone wishing to return or invest in Africa in
general and in Côte d’Ivoire in particular.

No upcoming events at the moment
Blup Charity

BLUP Charity

Solidarity is an important part of “BABILINKUP”. It is important to support the less fortunate. For the second
edition of the “BlupCharity”, we will partner with a local association to share meals and make donations
to children and widows. We accept donations in kind or in cash for this event.

Bup Connect
Events Tickets

BLUP Connect

Its objective is to create and strengthen links between leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders.
The event will take the form of a Gala dinner where the experts will present their journeys. The opportunity will also be given to young local entrepreneurs and those from the diaspora to present their business and their project.

Blup Pool Party

BLUP Pool Party

The BlupPoolparty concept is a pool party. With this Idea we want to bring back to Abidjan the American Spring break experience. We are committed to facilitating the movement of our participants and ensuring security around this event.

BLUP Discovery

People who have never visited the country will find in this concept away to discover the paradisiacal side of the country’s fauna and flora.

Blup Discovery

OTW 2 Babilinkup (On The Way)

On the way to Babilinkup are events organized all around the world during the year leading to the main events in December. Last year, it occurred in Oklahoma City and Washington DC

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