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Palm Trees


The concept behind Babilinkup is to inspire ,encourage, and motivate those attending to build connections.  All of our events have meticulously been created with the goal of enabling attendees to not only connect amongst themselves but to also discover what Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has to offer. We also facilitate attendees with the opportunity to connect with local businesses and larger establishments.

Luscious Palm Leaves
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What do you need to travel
to Cote d'Ivoire ?

Luscious Palm Leaves


Places to Stay: Babi Linkup Rentals

We have arranged short-term, fully furnished apartment rentals for a luxury stay throughout your experience in Abidjan. If you are interested in staying at one of our Babi Linkup Rentals, send a Whatsapp to +2250143989853 with the following information: 

- Name

- Phone

- # of people

- # of rooms


Boulay Beach Resort


Here are a few ride sharing app available in Cote d'Ivoire:

  • Yango

  • Uber

If you would like to rent a vehicle or get a van for your group please email us at


  • Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussokro

  • Adama Toungara Museum of Abobo

  • Colonial Neighborhood "Quartier France" in Grand Bassam

  • Kafolo Lounge (Jacqueville, Bingerville)

  • City of Man's Mountains and Wilderness

  • N'zi Lodge


  • Cocody Art Market

  • CAVA

  • Cap Sud & Cap Nord

  • Abidjan Mall

  • Nanawax

  • Sococe

  • Prima


  • The Green Fever

  • Ricky's

  • Bloom Lounge (Club)

  • Saakan Restaurant

  • Dabali Express

  • Life Star (Club)

  • Forty/Forty (Club)

  • L'addresse (Lounge)

  • Yolo Club (Club)

  • Skinny (Club)

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